Sunday, January 24, 2010

collection of thoughts

First order of business:
I am sick, yet again. I think this about the 6th time I've gotten majorly sick this winter. New record, for sure.
I hope to never top this record either. I'm completely miserable and really wish I could pay someone to play with my hair all day and make me endless amounts of soup. Well, I guess that's what moms are for but for some reason, I've just been hanging out by myself and making my own soup...although Mom keeps offering.
I remember when I was little, I loved being sick because it was the only time my parents would stop arguing. Cause, of course, it's a big deal when little kids get sick. Now, not so much though.
Now being sick consists of Dad slapping his palm to my forehead, proclaiming that I don't have a fever, and then arguing with me non-stop that I'm just faking it to get out of something.
So now I'm just miserable and gaining absolutely nothing from this.
I have too much work to do for this stupidness :[

Second thought:
It is very certain that I have a slight case of separation anxiety. I cannot stand being alone. It also freaks me out to think about becoming distant from people I'm really close to. And it freaks me out even more to know that that happens regularly. I fight endlessly to keep the people I like close to me. Which is why I'm constantly either texting or instant messaging people. I just want to keep everyone close-by...I'm like a little kid trying to carry all her stuffed animals in her arms at one time to keep from having to leave a single one behind.

Yet another:
Yesterday, mom and I went to Micheal's and I was looking around at all the fun house-decorating and DIY stuff they have there.
I got super excited that I don't have much longer till I will have a place of my own to decorate and make completely my own!

that definitely tops my new-house-wishlist!
Ohhh and a housemate, of course! Because, thanks to my separation anxiety that I just told you about, I cannot imagine ever living alone.

Lastly and shortly:
I wish we had an amazing fabric store close by :[
the closest one that I know of is about 2 hours away and not even that great.
I hate that.

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