Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just in case, I'll put The Smiths on my Ipod.

Today, I've dedicated to digging into my mind and uncovering all the bands I used to listen to. For some reason, as I do this, I keep thinking about who would be impressed if they decided to randomly go through my Ipod someday.
It brings back a lot of fond memories :]
Like of one day when I was sitting on the Lido Deck of the ship and was desperately hoping that the group of kids around me would like me so I wouldn't be alone for 2 weeks...this boy, Evan (who I'm sure most of my friends have heard about by now), was going through my Ipod and was really impressed how "well-rounded [my] music tastes are". From there on out, we actually had stuff to talk about all the time and he became a really close friend of mine for 2 weeks.
And how Kozlov always used to ask me about bands in Geometry and I'd feel bad when I had no idea what he was talking about.
Music is wonderful C:

Maybe someday I can use my musical knowledge to fall in love with a complete stranger in an elevator.

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skye britni said...

i love the smiths! :D! more importantly though, i love you! :D! and... I am looking forward to another year of beings friends! :DD! Even though we haven't really had that status for a year yet... haha.