Monday, December 21, 2009

goodbye 2k9

Yes, I know I'm a big premature for writing this blog because I'm stuck with this year for a few more weeks.
but I'm ready to get it over with!
so here is an early blog with a recap of the year.
good, bad, and everything in between
(I think I made an almost exact one of these last year)

-I got my dream car! Scion XB 2006 is now mine :]]
-I wrecked my dream car and have yet to get it repaired...

-I started off the year with a fantastic boyfriend!
-I'm ending it being single with absolutely no interest in anyone.
-I dated my dream boy....who ended up not being anywhere close to who I thought he was

-I visited the Academy of Art's open house in Atlanta and fell in love with the school only to find out that it was in San Fransisco and I wasn't allowed to attend
(parents' rules there)

-I spent the summer volunteering at Castaway Critters and loved every second of it :D! Skye and I became really close during this time period!
and I became obsessed with Big Macs

I guess I kind of only remember the most recent things that have happened really.
My list is short, yes. I changed a lot this year. Maybe not so much changed as just realized that I have no idea who I am.
And that's really hard for me to admit because I was never one of the things I thought I'd have trouble with.
I get so much of "ohhh you like that? well so does ________"
and it happens to be a reoccurring person I hear that about which is the part that bothers me. I don't want to seem like I like stuff because she does.
and I know like what you like and blahhh
but ugh I don't know. For some reason it's just bothering me a lot right now.
I'm running from idea to idea and living up to my claim of changing my mind more than an alcoholic drinks.
I need to calm down and figure out my beliefs on each topic and put a lot of thought into my words before I let them run off my tongue.

As I promised myself last year, I have no new years resolutions this year.

I'm ready for 2010.
I wish each year came with a blank page and a fresh start.

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