Saturday, September 12, 2009

Today is the day

I officially got out of the "rut" I've been in :]

I came out of this whole experience a little bit more irritable at everything than I'd like to be but I think it might be good as well.
I'm stronger against negative people and mean people...I just get irritated and walk away from people like that now.
Sure it bothers me for awhile
but the good
currently outweighs crappy people.

It's staying this way :]!

I got recruited by 23 colleges in the past 2 weeks. I'm sooo excited!

So bye negative people*
I'm surrounding myself with happiness and support.

*& for the record, I'm still open for talking to my friends about problems, of course! I like to help out with my friends and I don't take "negativity" as a temporary down or needing to talk about something. I hope everyone understands that.
I'm just so sick of people who have something bad to say about every one of my ideas, everyone around them, and themselves 24/7.

1 comment:

The Billie Odom said...

*In response to the comment you left me*
That pretty much made my day :)

There really wasn't much deeper meaning to it, except that I see so many people that are just so effortlessly, naturally beautiful.
Which seems like an awesome way to be.

I feel like I haven't reached that point yet you said, we dwell on our own flaws more than others I guess.
But anyway, thank youuu :)

And for the record, you are totally one of those people I would love to be like :)