Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's just how I am

I'm really old fashioned when it comes to relationships and stuff.
I believe boys should always make the first move. I believe they should respect me and hold doors open and offer to pay for things (although I always put up a fight and rarely let them, I still like to offer every now and then).
I believe that we should be a necessity to each other and not just a passing form of eye candy.

I don't initially go out of my way to impress boys. Well, on occasion I do but I don't like to.
I don't really find it being my place to impress them.

I've always heard boys don't like constantly having to make the first move
but, especially when we're not dating, I feel like they should.
I think I'll always feel that way.

Maybe I'm just spoiled in my visions of "love".
I've always had some pretty decent boyfriends. Ones that called me on a daily basis and usually went out their way for me.

I'm not sure the point of this post. I guess I just wanted to insure myself that my standards still exist and are still basically the same.

And as almost everyone knows, I'm really naive and new when it comes to the "typical" relationship stuff.
I blush at the slightest thing, I get really jittery and spazz out often, and I'm just all around bad at being the typical "cute girl".
Maybe that's also why I believe in the old fashioned way.

I am going through an obsession with love.
If it's love related, I'm interested.
Ohhh and because of my obsession, I'm finally interested in Switchfoot. Love Is The Movement is one of my current favorite songs.
Yep yep!

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