Sunday, September 27, 2009

every few months or so

I like to post one blog that basically sums up how amazing my life actually is.
As everyone knows, I blog when I'm down. When the tiniest thing is bothering me, I blog so I can get it out in the open before it consumes me.
But I'm almost always happy!
I love my life :] It's amazing! And I don't want to look back on all of my negative blogs and only remember those times.

So here you go - a list of how wonderful my life is (it has to be list form cause there is too many) :

- I am finally dating the most insanely amazing boy I've met :] He's the boy I'm going to be incredibly foolish with (since everyone and everything seems to think that's a good idea). I gave him a clean slate and am determined to not be my timid weird self around him. He's been in my life for a relatively short time but I already trust him with a lot and am glad that I feel as though I can.
We're just getting started, ladies and gents

-I feel even more involved with my morals. As I'm growing up, moral decisions are put to the test even more. Not even just with sex and drugs, but with choices in general. My moral drive plays a major part in my life and I am entirely gracious that I have friends, family, and a boyfriend who support that decision of mine to the max!

-School is very challenging. As much as I complain about it, I like the challenge. I'm constantly overwhelmed but, in the end, I think it's good for me. I needed a challenge

-Colleges keep having interest in me and I haven't even submitted SAT or ACT scores yet

-I'm currently going through a "growing" period. I've been faced with a lot of rough times...well, rough for me cause I'm a pansy. I've learned to be careful with who I trust to the fullest.

-My outlook on everything has changed a lot in some aspects. As I said already, I'm giving the whole "being foolishly compassionate" thing a shot.

-I'm still really big into Buddhism. It's wonderful!! This is the longest I've had a steady interest in something :]!

-Love is my current obsession

-I have a ton of ideas for tattoos. ONLY 2 MORE YEARS till those ideas can be put into action

-I've accepted the fact that I may be a tiny bit insane

-I've matured and calmed down quite a bit. But I'm still a complete and total spazz and laugh at the tiniest thing

-I like getting out of the house a bit more now. I'm finally possibly leaving the nest a tiny bit. It's a strange experience all in all.

I love my life! And I don't ever want to forget how much fun I'm having.
How much fun I'm going to be having for the rest of my life.
I never want to lose my spunk
and I know I've been scared that I'm going to mature and become dull for as long as I can remember
buuuut I really don't see that happening

Farrah has gotten me into this really amazing band :] I can't stop listening to them!

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