Monday, August 16, 2010

Hi, Senior Year. Nice to see you!

So I haven't really updated anything having to do with school...or events of life at all lately.
I'm going to try and make time for another "self evaluation" blog. Much like this one:
just to kind of recenter myself in my brain and, as a good friend told me a few weeks ago, it's always good to anchor yourself and make sure you don't lose the real you.

In the meantime, let's see here...
senior year started Friday and today was my first "official" day of classes and coming to the sad realization I spend my entire day running from one class to the next. Literally running...they're all so far away from each other and I only hope "A" day classes don't have the same fate.

I filled out my first college application and now just need to remember to withdraw $100 from my savings so I can send it in. Oh along with a bit of my portfolio in hopes on them giving me some scholarships or, at least, allowing me to exempt a few courses. My heart is set on San Fransisco. The post right below this one has to do with that. It's honestly not just that it's far away from here...if here gave me the same opportunities, I'd be a bit more willing to stay.
But even SCAD can't offer me the same benefits.
Advantages of going to The Academy in San Fransisco:
- If I work off my butt off to get to the top of my class, my work gets featured in New York Fashion Week in front of the most important people in fashion ever.
- Seniors get to put together 3 fashion shows throughout the year. The Academy invites big name designers to come and see the students' works and, possibly, choose some interns.
- They focus very much on real world industry. Not just teaching you how to design correctly but also working with you every step of the way in order to push you into the industry
- With housing & everything included, it's half the cost of SCAD per year

But anyway, moving on.
That Cody boy who has been popping up in recent blogs, is, as of the 14th, my official partner in crime as I set out on this insane school year. He's already lived through it so I'm sure it'll be extra nice to have him around.
Plus, he's really interesting and I'm diggin' his strong religious beliefs and high morals.
If by any off chance he sees this, I don't want to raise his ego too much so I'll cut off with saying nice things about him for now. Haha

Teachers apparently think it's really funny to constantly bring up the fact that "real life is no longer have high school to hide behind."
Talk about financial aid, student loans, college applications, etc
is really freaking me out. But I think I got it covered.
As long as I do what my heart tells me to do, I'll figure out the technicalities when they come.

My very last first football game is next Friday, August 27th.
Autumnfest is August 28th.
So I'll update you on all that fun stuff when it comes up!

Till then, I'm going to continue to bounce around and pretend like I have everything all figured out. And ya know, just enjoy one day at a time.
"don't worry about the future. or worry, but know that worrying is about as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum"

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