Sunday, August 29, 2010

Best Week Ever

Friday, it was announced I made the homecoming court which I'm really excited about and keep talking about.
Cody and I spent awhile last night picking out possible homecoming dresses while watching Clash of The Titans (which is an awesome movie, btw).
We basically decided on a light blue short dress. I'm hoping to have time to make my dress!

Yesterday was the first edition of Autumnfest and it pretty much dominated!
The band list included:
Casual Dinosaur
and This is Harris

We had a pretty big crowd with a lot new faces and it was just all around awesome
and a grand way to sum up an amazing week!

This is Harris:

The crowd:

Skye's rather nice creeper photography:

Casual Dinosaur:

Although I've had requests for a Winterfest, I think I'm going to hold off.
I don't have a location that isn't outdoors and I personally hate being outside in the cold sooooo tune in next year for Springfest!

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skye britni said...

ahhh! we're gunna do a springfest? (: i'm stoked now. haha. :D