Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Uhmmm yeah

I've been thinking and I'm tired of worrying myself over other people's choices.
I'm tired of judging people just by who they hang out with or what they are or are not addicted to.
I do agree people change and half of the people I know often will change a million times in the next four/three years.
I really need to learn to accept that.

I've been talking badly about a lot of people that I'm not really close to and I don't know THAT much about recently.
I'm beginning to realize that this isn't really my style.
I honestly do like to get along with everyone that I can.
I mean, hey, we are all supposed to forgive and forget every once and awhile, right?
Just don't PERSONALLY screw me over and I don't care what you do.
It's your life do what you want.

Consider this one of my million changes I'm planning on making in the next four/three years.

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