Monday, March 31, 2008

After the incident today in band

Sorry folks,
maybe I'm just slow...but I did not see what the big deal in Heather's blog was all about.
But, it made me think about something.

I contradict myself a lot.
Not on purpose, of course, and definitely not to impress someone.
Sorry Mrs. Krieger, I probably used my commas wrong there.
Anyway, back to my point.
I contradict myself when I learn something new or just take the time out to think about what I just said. Something I may have said 5 minutes ago probably sounds incredibly stupid to me now.
When people point out a different way of looking at things, I may change my opinion.
It doesn't mean I'm contradicting myself, I'm just looking at things through a different perspective and I happen to like it better.

Trust me, I'm not getting in the middle of anything.
I'm writing this to make sense in my own always.
Yes, there is probably something I missed in what you guys were talking about earlier.
You guys = Stephanie, Richard, and Heather.

I just wanted to post this so that maybe someone can point out a flaw in my ways of thinking.
HEY! I may even look at it through your eyes and change my opinion.
I made a joke XD get it? get it? get it?

I've got math homework

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sb said...

hey brii!

it's pretty cool you have a blog =D
now i can add you to a list!

i'll give you a ride =)