Friday, May 28, 2010

she said she won the world at a carnival

I had a wonderful day (:
It was spent sleeping in far later than I ever sleep and then waking up to hit the thrift store with Liz!
I found an amazing pair of John Lennon glasses that the lady at the register gave to me half price for no apparent reason. I also finally found the hard shelled suitcase I've been dying for! I'm buying the supplies tomorrow to paint it and customize it.
Then I'm going to pack it with my favorite summer clothes and head down to my brother's house for a few days!

Summer is a weird time for me.
I miss random people throughout the days and have very little interest in hanging out with the people I typically do.
I guess we all just need a little while away from each other.
I also re-visit a lot of my past (for instance, I'm listening to Scene For Dummies right now. A song I haven't listened to since 8th grade).

Oh today, Liz and I were driving to Hiawassee and the cars in front of us were stopping randomly. At first, I couldn't see why then I noticed a puppy running back and forth between lanes of traffic.
I tried to trap him on a side road and then got out of my car to get him & Liz pulled in next to me. Although I failed to get the dog, it was nice to see everyone care enough to stop and let the confused puppy run back and forth in search of safety.

I love this song so much (:

I'm not a big PATD fan but Pretty. Odd was just an awesome album!

Summerfest is coming up fast!
I have my screen printing machine downstairs just waiting to be put into action!

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