Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dear College,

I'm sorry I'm not prepared for you :(
1530 on my SAT is not something I would have like to been notified of.
A 390 on my math...seriously? I knew I was horrible at it but that's ridiculous!

The deadline has passed for the June SAT test and I do believe that that is the last test date till next year.
I wish I felt more prepared to start applying to colleges and such.

I feel like poo at my test score.
But Collegeboard made me feel slightly better with "most people take their SAT the spring of their junior year and then again the fall of their senior year"
so I guess I'm not behind in reality...just feel like I am.

I'm going to spend the evening with my sewing machine and sketchbook.
They don't mind how good (or rather, how not good) at math I am.

Oh & Speaking of colleges,
I'm looking into this one:

The campus is in Florida but I can take Internet Marketing in an online course!
$53,000 for 34 months and almost all the costs of materials needed are covered within that price as well as tuition, of course!
Art school marketing programs > North Georgia business programs
[That equation is only based off of my current research though]

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