Monday, May 17, 2010

How does that saying go...?

Feeling uninspired, think I'll start a fire?
Yeah, I know it's from a Nirvana song but it also graces 89% of the Myspace profiles I visit.
Starting fires doesn't really inspire me though. I tried it.
Maybe I need a larger fire. But if I keep making larger fires and still not getting results, I'm afraid of what I may do to this place so I'll just stop now and say
that starting fires do not inspire me.

Also I'm starting week 2 of weening myself off of meat.
I tried cutting meat out of diet entirely cold turkey (no pun intended!), my body decided to shut down completely and make me feel super sick.
So now I'm down to eating meat at dinnertime and avoiding it at all other times during the day.
This approach seems to be working nicely.
So why the sudden veggie diet decision?
Well, it's not exactly's been bothering me for awhile actually.
Buddhism states that one should have respect for all living things.
And who woulda guessed that eating processed meat that was once a living creature that was then brutally tortured and then left to die a slow painful death was not respectful of the creature?
Hmmmmm not I, said the cat!
So yeah. I'm basically finally just taking a radical step toward my religion.
Vegetarianism isn't required, but it's just kind of one of those suggested things.

so yep!
It's Monday!! A week full of finals lies ahead of me!
one down and I think 3 more to go? Something like that.
I'm technically a senior now. My class is the oldest in the school so I think that's what that means.
Seniorzzz : we like it on top ;]
(I wonder how many times that horrible joke has been told)

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