Sunday, May 16, 2010

a wonderful adventure!

a developing crush on someone is one of the best and yet most annoying feelings ever.
I can't exactly decide which are the annoying parts and which are the best though so here's just a list:
- instantly checking to see if he's online when you sign on
- continuing to constantly check to see if he's still online when he hasn't messaged you first
- wondering why he's not messaging you first
- freaking out and asking all your friends
- replaying your conversation with him over and over in your mind
- wanting to hit yourself cause of all the cool things you /could/ of said
- wondering if he think you're as lame as you think you are
- thinking how cool your names sound together
- smiling when you find something new you have in common with him
- getting all giddy when his name is mentioned in conversation and bursting at the chance to talk about how awesome you think he is
- just all around falling in /lust/

It's fantastic :]
and I think Spring is a perfect time for this.
I need some self esteem when it comes to boys, that's for sure!
I turn into a giddy paranoid half retarded little girl when it comes to boys I like.
Is it too late for a New Years Resolution?

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