Thursday, February 11, 2010

she wore a rasberry beret

so today, I went thrifting after school with my BFF STEPH and got a super cute multi-colored sweater and some new sunglasses since my aviators were falling apart.
I love her and thrift stores.
Speically when you put the two together!

My day was kinda heading downhill cause for the first time ever, I am sincerely annoyed by a very close friend of mine.
Selfishness does not sit very well with me for the record.

When I got home, I got a call from some modeling agency in Atlanta.
They were really interested in meeting me and asked me all sorts of questions about what I do and such
and the end result was they were really impressed by me and "love my energy".
Pffft whatever. I know you're paid to raise my self esteem but thank you, regardless.
I think I might go look into it and see if I can pass the audition.
Just kinda as one of those personal challenge things.
It would be nice to know that I have the option to be a model if I ever wanted to.

I have a lot of homework to get done so I guess I'll go get on that.
Chromeo is still stuck in my head.
2-step 2-step 2-step


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