Monday, February 8, 2010


today, I just woke up in an amazing mood
and the day didn't disappoint me at all :D!
I love days when everyone around me is in an equally good mood!
It's nice.

I've come to the conclusion that real happiness comes from the present.
Even if it's in the tiniest form and you really have to search for it - it's always there.
And if more people lived for the right now, everyone would be so much better off.
Sure, the past is full of mistakes and the future is full of unknown surprises
but right now if for certain and it's all that we can ever be sure of really.

I'm happy.
This is the happiest I've been in a few days so it's nice (:
I don't understand geometry though so I'm going to go consult my Youtube teacher
and bash my head on some desks.

Sooo long!

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