Monday, October 19, 2009

WHOAH! what's happening?

what has been going on?
this path I've chosen is far from what I thought it would be.

I always lose track of myself on occasion.

I know it sounds silly, but sometimes the wreckless underlay of myself tends to bubble to the surface. I get that side of me from my dad & it's kinda hard to keep that part under control sometimes.
I love my dad, of course
but I don't want to become him.

This calls for a re-evaluation. I hate these times. When I realize I've been a total douchebag for about a month and then have to go back and fix everything.
I do this at least 3 times a year. every year
when shall I learn?

probably never.

like to keep ya on your toes, home slice

I am ridiculously optimistic tonight :D!
I had a honey tea and sewing night...nothing pleases me more, I swear. Haha!

Oh and Happy Birthday, boyfriendRoachboy :D!
It's officially illegal for me to be dating you. But hey, I'm willing to take that risk for you.

OH! OH! (x2)
The Mirror, The Portrait are playing an in-store performance at Hot Topic sometime next week. I'm pretty sure I'm 30 times more excited than the band at the moment.

I'm off to frolic around and eventually write my summary for world history.

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