Sunday, October 11, 2009

what's that over there in the distance?

ohhhh hay, it's college.
Everyone already knows my two cents on being excited
and scared out of my mind.

Fall 2011

This place has potential to be my home for 4 years:

But then again, so does this place:

Balancing out the benefits never seems to add up.
Atlanta was my original plan. 2 hours away from home. Decent sized city. I know my way around pretty well already. SCAD is there. Art Institute is there. I'd have a totally clean slate since I'm not moving there with anyone.

Nashville has been thrown at me recently. 4 hours away from home. Smaller city (and really artsy from what I've heard...that's always a plus). Farrah, Jonathan, and Pittman will be there - connections are always nice. I could attend the Art Institute there as well.

Both are awesome choices!
I'd have to find a way to get a lot of scholarship money if I went to Nashville though (HOPE wouldn't go to Tennessee, of course).
I guess I still have another year and a half to figure out what's going on so I don't need to fret right now.
I don't even know what's going on next week let alone next year.

But, one thing for certain,
I'm going to curl up into bed right now and watch Across The Universe for the 300th time and recite the lines.

Oh and another thing for certain, in college,
I'm going to introduce myself to everyone as Rawley :]!
Bri is getting old and Rawley sounds more artsy and mysterious anyway ^-^
I'm lame.

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