Sunday, October 4, 2009

might I just add..

...that I rely on other people's energy far too much.
when other people don't feel good, I don't feel good.

I'm kind of worried about myself.
I want to have time to be happy!

I believe this is my last year of color's dumb to intentionally put myself through all of this crap again.
I'm done with crappy people and I'm not going to let myself constantly be a pushover anymore. Time to stick up for myself.
I'm latching on to a few amazing people and they shall become my support system.
I'll go back to sewing every spare moment I have rather than wasting it on people who I don't mean a thing to.
I guess I'm toughening up to hide how truly vulnerable I feel these days.

1 comment:

skye britni said...

I'm sorry things have been crappy lately... and I'm also sorry for being an even more crappy friend lately for never being around anymore. :/

I miss you, Bri!
and I love you to the maxxxx!