Friday, July 9, 2010

better luck next time, prince charming.

my goal for today is simple.
get dressed, feel awesome in my own skin, pop my new mix CD in my car, and let whatever happens today just happen.

I have plans for today actually.
I should be dressed right now already and I should be leaving here in 24 minutes.
But I'm probably not going to.
Partly because the person I have plans with has yet to contact me so I doubt he's even awake yet. And the other part is just that I don't feel like being on time today.
I'm usually the one that is 3 hours early for everything while everyone around me is 3 hours late.

And I'm going to drop by Farrah's house later and hope she's there.
I still need to go buy her birthday card(s)....and some eyeliner.
I feel like there was other stuff I thought of last night that I had to do today...

Oh well.

I successfully remade that poncho in my last blog.
I have a picture of mine on Facebook so go look at it on there if you'd like. I'm too lazy to resize it for my blog.

But yeah.
That's my plan for the day.
Whatever happens, happens.
My trust is in fate's hands today.

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