Sunday, February 8, 2009

All it takes

*second post today but just a rebuttal to the first one :]

Sometimes, all it takes
is a day spent with someone you really like to make you feel 100x better :D!!

....I wonder how many boyfriends I'll go through in the time period I actually keep my blog going.
I think I've gone through 3 so far.
Not too many considering I've had this blog since the beginning of 2008.

Donald is the new one :D!
Haha I like him. Course, I always say that.
He's just not that typical flaky guy that I usually date. He's confident with himself and definitely hasn't failed to hold back from making the first move.
Which, I like a lot!

He came to get me around 2:30
and we went to McDonalds. The dude working the register was really nice to me and told me my outfit was pretty :]
and he tried to convince me that my order of fries would be twenty bucks and I threatened to go to Burger King XD!
Don started out sitting across from me
and then jumped over to come sit...basically on top of me. So I scooted of a bit and then spilled Coke all over the table.
Yeah, I'm reaaaaallll smooth when it comes to the opposite sex.

I don't feel like going into details of our day
but it was nice ^-^

The whole "lust" stage is my favorite of any relationship
and I wish it stuck around longer than it usually does.
Oh wells.

I think I was going somewhere with this....

I feel way better :]!!

Ups and downs. All apart of life

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