Sunday, January 25, 2009

The life I want to live.

Farrah actually showed me this video awhile ago but it kind of sums of how I want to live my life when I'm older.
I know it'll probably happen, but I really don't want to become a part of mainstream life.

I want to be indulged in the DIY world.
Be an artist who lives on the top floor of some run down apartment in the middle of the city.
I want to run my own business and love what I do! Never have to answer to anyone and just constantly be surrounded by my friends.
I want to have a best friend or a boyfriend/husband as my partner in crime! If I can find that one person who covers both of those, I'd be set!

The life that most dread,
sounds perfect to me!
Not exactly knowing what the next day will bring.
I want to travel A LOT and have the money to do so! I want to live comfortably but save my money for more important things...not a big huge house that I'll never need.

I'm so excited to grow up
and follow my dreams and never have to explain myself and just do whatever crazy things pop into my head next!

Yep :]

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