Monday, April 7, 2008

this is directed towards girls

I wish more girls would realize that...

...he doesn't "love" you, he just wants to sleep with you
...your at-home piercings look ridiculous're not original, you're just fake many guys you sleep with or date, does not determine who are as a person
...if you're a slut of COURSE all of the hot guys are gonna hit on you. But going back to my first statement,well, you get it I hope.
...posting a half nude picture of yourself and having all the guys think you're "beautiful" is not actual beauty
...wearing your anti-war save the planet shirts is doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop the war OR save the planet. It's just a fashion trend! Actually take action if you care about it! are not a hippie just because you like the peace sign. Yet again, just another trend.
...writing on your shoes does not make you grunge
...when going to meet a new guy and "hoping nothing happens" is a lie. Nothing will happen unless you want it to happen. It didn't "just slip"'re fat because you choose to be fat shouldn't expect others to feel sorry for your mistakes
...crying at school is not cool. Everyone realizes you're just wanting attention. shouldn't pierce your lip in class. Your boyfriend will dump you and others will think it's hysterically funny. [everyone should know who that one is directed towards]
...people aren't jealous of you, they just think you're retarded

That's all for now. Although I'll probably add more later

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hhhaaaaaaaaa! yeah it's 2:22 am and im reading this and it cracks me up! you speak the truth here. the pure, unfettered, in-your-face truth and I LOVE IT.

...and yeah, even I KNOW who the comment about the lip piercing is directed toward... :O)